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About Karen

There are many questions we have during our lifetime and when we suffer a loss of a loved one we ask what happens after I die?

Understanding we cannot die and that love and the essence of who we are lives on and can bring healing and a sense of peace to many people.

We have a beautiful light, our spirit within the true essence of who we are, let it shine in all we do in life and be the best person we can be. 

Karen Wood

Spiritualist Medium

Welcome to my website!
I found spiritualism in the early 1990s and have been a working medium since 2005. I believe that your own life experiences make you the person you are today, one of the hardest tasks we have in life is learn to accept our imperfections and love ourselves.  We also need motivation and inspiration to get us through life’s rough patches.  I hope you will enjoy looking through the pages and feel inspired to discover there is more to life than what we think there is. The connection we have with our own power within can help and heal. Plus the wonderful connection and love that comes from the spirit world is always there to support and guide us in times of need.
I look forward to connecting with you.
Best wishes
Karen x


I live with my partner Mike and our dog Oscar. Between us we have 3 grown up children and 7 grandchildren.
For many years I worked in the corporate world for companies in London, Bromley and East Malling, Kent.
Since 2014, I now concentrate on my passion, working as medium either taking divine services, giving demonstrations of mediumship and private sittings or passing on knowledge through teaching.
My grandmother was a very intuitive lady, who believed in life after death. As a child she would tell me about seeing her young son after he died and my grandfather’s near death experience. Looking back, I saw spirit at a young age but thought it was my imagination.


My mediumistic gifts did not come to the surface until my early 30s when I was taken to West Wickham Spiritualist Church by friends Deb and Eve. This was the start, it felt right I enjoyed the experience and couldn’t wait to go back to learn more.

After a few months Eve my friend and medium now based in Huntingdon decided to set up a “home circle” this is where a group of people get together to learn to use their psychic and mediumistic abilities to connect and communicate with the spirit world. Eve asked me to join the group and at the time could not understand why I had been asked but Eve just felt it was right for me to join and how right she was.

That first circle was inspirational, and I could not wait for Monday nights. During a meditation I was shown a large tree and a cloister corridor of an old house surrounded by beautiful grounds and a white horse. It was only some years later when I walked around those very same grounds that I realised the meditation were snapshots of the Arthur Findlay College.


I continued to attend West Wickham Spiritualist Church and attended classes, joined the committee as Members Secretary and later became Vice-President, I made friends and felt part of a community.

I was introduced to the Arthur Findlay College by my friend Enid Meager, Enid was a teacher at the church and had been going to the College for many years, she encouraged me to book a course, but which one. I was drawn to a course called “So You Want to be a Medium”, since then I have not looked back, at this course I met my mentor and friend Janet Parker. Janet has been an inspiration to me in my work for many years and I remember that first course when she lectured about using your mediumship and working as an ambassador for the spirit world, I thought that is what I want to be, an ambassador for spirit.

From that time the Arthur Findlay College became to me not just somewhere you go to learn to use your psychic and mediumistic gifts it is a place where you discover yourself, your potential and true friendships are made.

In 2005 with the help of medium friends Val Hood and Eve Ellar, I ventured out onto the platform to work.  I now serve many churches and centres all over the UK.  I hold Spiritualist National Union Certificates in Public Speaking and Demonstrating Mediumship and was awarded the Spiritualist National Union 25-year Long Service Award for my work at West Wickham Spiritualist Church.  In 2020 with churches and centres closed, I found the virtual Zoom platform to work and I now serve spirit all over the world and love meeting and connecting with people from the UK and across the globe.  


Karen truly is an amazing woman who has such a gift.  Karen is an excellent medium.  She gives accurate information, details and beautiful messages from your loved ones in a very empathic and gentle way. I do recommend Karen. 

Silv SC Facebook Review

I had a wonderful reading with Karen.  I can fully validate the information I received from the family members that stepped forward.  Many memories were shared, together with their thoughts and insight into current personal and family situations.  It was touching and heartwarming.  They live on thank you Karen.

Marilyn Facebook Review


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about your loved ones, my work in Spiritual Mediumship, my classes, readings or demonstrations.