Karen Wood

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Find the wonderment
of connecting with spirit

My passion is reuniting you with your loved ones in the spirit world.
The best way to honour a loved one in spirit is to show the magic you have to offer.
Let your light shine today!


There are many questions we have during our lifetime, especially when we suffer the loss of a loved one – we ask, “What happens after I die?” Understanding that we cannot die and, that love and the essence of who we are lives on, can bring healing and a sense of peace to many people.

I love my work as a medium

It is my passion and part of who I am, I love to connect people through my mediumship to share the love and memories once again.

Bringing through loved ones from spirit and linking them once again with their family is such a wonderful feeling, when you feel the love from the spirit world and it can bring healing to family and friends here that are grieving.

Many people are inspired to search for answers and seek their own truth after attending a church or having a sitting.

As spiritualists we believe in the afterlife and the communication that comes from the spirit world but we also understand that life is for living in the here and now and our loved ones in spirit want us to move forward surrounded by their love and support.

I love to communicate with people here too. I enjoy inspiring others through public speaking, discussion groups and empowering my students to be mediums of the future.

How I Can Help

I love being part of a church service giving a philosophical talk and bringing loved ones together during a demonstration.


Connect with me online or in person as I connect with you and reunite you with your loved ones in spirit.

"My work as a medium is my passion and I have many years of experience to share with you. Connect with me for a reading, join me at a service or demonstration. Let's talk about spiritualism or your mediumship development."
Karen Wood
Spiritualist Medium

I love working with students exploring their intuition and mediumistic gifts. I offer one day workshops and weekend seminars, both online and in-person.


My classes offer a nurturing place to grow and develop the student’s gifts. We explore psychic intuition, connecting with spirit and, philosophical discussions to develop public speaking.

We have a beautiful light, our spirit within the true essence of who we are, let it shine in all we do in life and be the best person we can be.

Connect With Me.
the journey starts with you!

Spiritualism and mediumship shows us that life is eternal we cannot die but it is more than that, it is about inspiring others to find the uniqueness of the divine within and to be motivated to be the best that they can be in this life.


Karen truly is an amazing woman who has such a gift.  Karen is an excellent medium.  She gives accurate information, details and beautiful messages from your loved ones in a very empathic and gentle way. I do recommend Karen. 

Silv SC Facebook Review

I had a wonderful reading with Karen.  I can fully validate the information I received from the family members that stepped forward.  Many memories were shared, together with their thoughts and insight into current personal and family situations.  It was touching and heartwarming.  They live on thank you Karen.

Marilyn Facebook Review


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about your loved ones, my work in Spiritual Mediumship, my classes, readings or demonstrations.