Karen Wood

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Private Readings

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 I would be more than happy to connect with you online or in person in a private reading.

I know that every sitting is different, and some people attend for the express purpose of wanting to communicate with their loved ones who have passed on.

Others may be looking to better understand themselves or other aspects of their life such as work, relationships and spiritual growth.

As I attune myself to you specifically, the type of sitting you receive will usually be based on what you need as the sitter.

Sometimes readings are all about evidence from spirit; sometimes they focus more on your life so that you can get clarity and motivation to move forward.


Karen truly is an amazing woman who has such a gift.  Karen is an excellent medium.  She gives accurate information, details and beautiful messages from your loved ones in a very empathic and gentle way. I do recommend Karen. 

Silv SC Facebook Review

I had a wonderful reading with Karen.  I can fully validate the information I received from the family members that stepped forward.  Many memories were shared, together with their thoughts and insight into current personal and family situations.  It was touching and heartwarming.  They live on thank you Karen.

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Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about your loved ones, my work in Spiritual Mediumship, my classes, readings or demonstrations.